Invoicing & accounts made easy.

Reduce manual errors with integration between your accounting and payroll software

Your computer screen can get cluttered fast when managing your clients’ books. Multiple software programs open, slow uploads, and flipping between numerous spreadsheets – we’ve all been there. As an accountant you may use various software packages to help with everyday tasks but switching between each application and manually inputting the same figures into both […]

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How to improve your cashflow through stock management

Improve cashflow with stock management

Inventory management is an issue which every business has, irrespective of their industry. Most businesses order goods in and send goods out, which means inventory must be correctly tracked across both streams. It is vital to manage your business’ inventory correctly, as it can directly impact your cashflow. If you fail to successfully manage stock, […]

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Explore Surf Accounts Production’s effective E-Signing feature

3 benefits of e-signing

How important is your accounts production software to you? It can prove to be pivotal to working smarter, but more importantly, not harder. Its features can offer more than simple solutions to everyday accounting problems. The software can help you stay compliant with legislation, save you time with flexible financial statements, as well as allowing […]

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Surf Accounts and AccountancyManager join forces

Today, our parent company, Bright Software Group (“Bright”), announced that practice management software providers, AccountancyManager, will be the newest addition to the ever-growing company. Bright has acquired AccountancyManager, which will see the software provider join Surf Accounts and BrightPay Payroll Software as leading providers of accounting, payroll and HR software. Together the businesses will provide […]

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5 Common Accounting Problems and How to Avoid them

Accounting Problems To Avoid

Most accounting practices will have come a long way since the opening of their businesses. Through trial and error, you have learned how to work more efficiently. Every practice is different, and therefore there is no universal process to achieve optimum efficiency. Through testing different processes and initiatives, you can find methods which best suit […]

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Surf Accounts Production: Flexibility to create financial statements in any format

cloud-based accounts production software

When it comes to creating final and statutory accounts, having an up to date accounts production software is a necessity. Without competent software, creating financial statements can be a difficult and timely process. As an accountant, the best tools you can have are ones which save you time and make your life easier. There is […]

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Managing client relationships made easy for accountants

CRM Software

Building strong and healthy relationships with customers has become more of a priority for businesses as the years have progressed. It is no longer enough for businesses to simply say that the customer is number one, you must engage with your customers to improve their overall experience and increase customer loyalty. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) […]

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The Ultimate To-Do List for Bookkeepers

bookkeeping software

While accountants typically review financial statements, bookkeepers track and measure a company’s financial transactions, such as sales, payroll, and payment of bills, to name a few. In the past, bookkeepers would typically record this information manually, but thanks to bookkeeping software, such as Surf Accounts, bookkeepers’ lives have been made much easier. Surf Accounts is […]

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E-signing and why it can take your accounting service to the next level


When you need to obtain a signature from a client on a time sensitive or important document, any delays can disrupt your progress, which is a nightmare for accountants. Traditionally, getting a signature from your client can be done in one of two ways. The first way is by taking time out of your day […]

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Unlock the Benefits of Surf Accounts Production

accounts production software

When you switch to or acquire a new software, it can take time to adjust to a new layout and gain an understanding of the software’s functionality. This is completely normal, something that is new will always take that little bit of extra time to fully understand and become familiar with. As time progresses and […]

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