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Improve Efficiency with an Online Invoicing Software

Are you still hung up on manual invoicing? Well, it’s still okay if you have a handful of invoices to raise. However, with the numbers multiplying, setting up flawless invoices could become a time-consuming, complex and tedious job. Why run into all the inconveniences, when you can improve efficiency with an online invoicing tool? Set up flawless invoices quickly, trace large volumes of invoices in a jiffy anytime and from anywhere, optimize time and eliminate unnecessary labour by setting up recurring invoices, and let your invoices reinforce your brand name.

Online Invoicing Software Ireland

The various benefits of an online invoicing software are described below.


Customize your invoices commensurate with client requirements using templatised invoice layouts. Save more time with reputed cloud-based accounting systems like Surf Accounts, that allows you to prepare multiple invoices at a go with its Quick Invoice feature; especially useful when you have a bulk of orders. What more, by pre-storing customer/product and payment details in the system, you can hasten the process of preparing an invoice. Search and enter relevant data with just a few clicks and you have already saved yourself so much time.


Extracting details from a data base that your accounting software already stores gives more accurate results than multiple data entry done manually. Simply choose data, such as customer/supplier records and products, and the associated details would be auto populated in your invoice layout. Even if you miss or enter an invalid data, the system generates an alert message. Calculations related to Net and Gross values, including VAT percentage are automatically generated, leaving you with a little to no scope for making mistakes.

Timely payments

Set up an invoice and directly mail the link or the copy itself to your customer with just a click. No delay means increased chances of timely payments. With an online invoicing software, you can improve cashflow as now you can track and follow up on overdue payments on the fly from anywhere. The software provides you an overview of long due payments within a timeframe (for example within a month) so that you can take immediate action.

Brand promotion

An invoice that looks appealing is better than one that looks plain and well, boring. Create professional invoices with an online invoicing software that allows you to choose an appropriate layout from several invoice templates and customize and stylize it to suit the voice of your brand. Put your brand logo or message or custom information.

Recurring invoices

What about invoices that you need to set up regularly – weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually? Would you repeat the process by the end of each service, or would you automate it? An hour saved by automating reiterating manual process equals to an hour spent in improving productivity. Accounting systems like Surf Accounts allow you to set up invoices that recur on specified dates. Set up once and let it auto-recur at the time of your choosing. If you need, you can also update, remove or skip a recurring invoice.

Tracking and searchability

Want to check the status of an invoice while at the airport? Find all the details to the invoice you need in a jiffy! All, you required to do is type in the customer name, or the date, or the reference number, and you get the result pronto. Easy-peasy!