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Reduce manual errors with integration between your accounting and payroll software

Your computer screen can get cluttered fast when managing your clients’ books. Multiple software programs open, slow uploads, and flipping between numerous spreadsheets – we’ve all been there. As an accountant you may use various software packages to help with everyday tasks but switching between each application and manually inputting the same figures into both can be a time-consuming task.

While the objective of these packages is to save you time and enhance your productivity levels, it can be frustrating when the different platforms cannot communicate with each other. Luckily, accounting software packages are continuously evolving and implementing new ideas to help accountants with their busy task list. Integration between different platforms has become an important need for accountants, as it helps to eliminate errors and save time. One such integration is between payroll software and accounting software. This has become a very popular integration in recent years, as streamlining your accounting and payroll can have many benefits for accountants.

By using an API integration, the cloud accounting software, Surf Accounts can now communicate directly with the payroll software, BrightPay.

API stands for Application Programming Interface and allows the transfer and sharing of data between two software packages. Integrations help form many solutions, one being the elimination of manually inputting the same information into two separate software. The integration eliminates the task of manual double entry and significantly reduces the time it takes to complete your payroll and accounting processes.

Reduce manual errors with integration between your accounting and payroll software

How BrightPay x Surf eliminates double entry

Manually transferring figures from your accounting software into your payroll software can lead to errors creeping into your work. When errors occur, time must be spent locating the error, which can take a large chunk of time out of your day. Furthermore, once the error has been found, you must then begin to correct it and ensure that it hasn’t impacted any other data. It is hard to predict how long double entry takes, as these types of mistakes appear quite often.

Thankfully, an integration between your payroll and accounting software can speed up this process and ensure accuracy when transferring data. Your payroll data, which has been added to BrightPay, can simply be transferred directly into Surf Accounts. This process can be completed in a couple of minutes, completely speeding up the process. Thanks to nominal ledger mapping, you can choose where your data is placed when transferred to Surf Accounts. The system will remember which accounts have been chosen for the different payroll items, so there will be no need to constantly repeat the process each time you are transferring your data.

How can this help me?

Since the two systems can communicate with each other, there will no longer be a need to manually input the same information into two different software packages. This can now be done with a few clicks and the information will be seamlessly transferred from BrightPay into Surf Accounts in a matter of minutes. The integration also helps to eliminate manual errors from your working day. This will result in more time saved, as the process of having to locate and amend errors due to manual double entry mistakes will no longer cause problems. The easy-to-use nature of the integration can significantly increase productivity levels and simplify the task.

The Surf Accounts and BrightPay integration offers many benefits and solutions to problems faced by both accountants and payroll processors. The direct API integration allows the two systems to communicate with each other, allowing the transfer of data from your payroll software directly into your accounting software. If you would like to view a live step-by-step guide on the process of transferring data from BrightPay into Surf Accounts and learn about the benefits that it can bring to your practice, click here. You can also book a free one to one demo of Surf Accounts to explore the functionality of the software.

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