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Building strong and healthy relationships with customers has become more of a priority for businesses as the years have progressed. It is no longer enough for businesses to simply say that the customer is number one, you must engage with your customers to improve their overall experience and increase customer loyalty.

CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems strive to assist businesses in managing interactions with their current and potential customers. For accountants, your accounting software will be the backbone of your business operations. Using a CRM system alongside it can allow your practice to reach its full potential. So, what if we told you, it’s possible to have both an accounting and a CRM system within one package?

Surf Accounts is an award winning cloud-based accounting software and CRM system that is perfectly suited to small and medium sized firms. The accounting software offers an easy-to-use online accounts package to help accountants and bookkeepers keep track of their clients’ finances, whenever and wherever they choose to do so. Surf Accounts also offers a mobile version of their software, making it even easier to manage your clients’ accounts, on the go.

The CRM feature in Surf Accounts allows you to build and maintain strong relationships with your customers. This feature can also be managed through the mobile app and offers a range of benefits that can help your practice in a variety of ways.

How having a CRM system in your accounting software can help your business

Help your team stay organised

Having a built-in CRM system as part of your bookkeeping software can benefit your practice. Your team can improve their organisation and productivity skills, by being able to access client accounts and manage client communications, all in one place. Your employees can maintain their own diary appointments through the CRM system within Surf Accounts and can manage their activity logs.

Drill-down into customers’ accounts

The CRM system allows you to have complete knowledge of your customers’ history when communicating with them. This feature can help with the main goal of a CRM system, which is to build and maintain healthy relationships with your customers. Within the CRM feature, you can view all previous activities that have occurred with each customer. You will be able to delve into any current quotes and orders and view all previous transactions, including all past and present invoices and payments, allowing you to see everything you need to know about your customer in one place.

Contact clients by email or SMS through the accounting software

The Surf Accounts CRM system allows you to send emails and SMS messages to your clients, within a few clicks. This simple feature means you can communicate with your clients through the accounting software, eliminating time spent on contacting clients through a different platform. With the Surf Accounts CRM, you can easily add new contacts and update customer information. This streamlines customer communications and helps ensure important messages aren’t missed.

You can transform your practice with the use of a CRM module built into your accounting software. This can help to improve your working life as it is quick and easy to access all client information through the one platform.

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