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Fixed Asset Register added to Surf Accounts Production

Fixed Asset Register

Surf Accounts Production has introduced new features to its accounts production software package over the last few weeks. Surf has continued to evolve throughout 2022, developing and improving the user experience. As we enter the new year, we will be progressing further with the product roadmap, monitoring and implementing customer suggestions and feedback. Recently, Surf […]

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3 free webinars for accountants: Preparing for 2023

3 free webinars for accountants Preparing for 2023

Now that the chaos of tax season is finally ending, it is a great time for accountants to review the processes that worked well and those that did not. The top practices closely monitor and look for areas that could be improved, whether it is improving day-to-day operational workflows, further leveraging automation tools, or exploring […]

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Celebrating Global Bookkeeping Week: Preparing for 2023

Global Bookkeeping Week 2023

Here at Bright, we’d like to wish all accountants and bookkeepers a happy International Accounting Day and Global Bookkeeping Week! Thank you for the vital work you do and the role you play in the business profession. This week is a great chance to reflect on your work, show appreciation to your colleagues and peers […]

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Avoid a Halloween tax fright

Halloween is spooky enough without the thought of missing the income tax self-assessment deadline. Nobody wants to be haunted by Revenue! The self-assessment tax deadline, which is set for October 31st, might trick some people but now is the time to ensure you are not one of them. If you choose to submit by post, […]

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How to embrace change and become a future-ready accounting firm

Cloud accounting software

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it was to prepare for the unpredictable. It’s safe to say that two years ago, there were very few businesses anticipating a global pandemic and even fewer had a response plan ready and waiting to be used. For the accounting sector, the pandemic highlighted the need for agility, […]

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Bright kick off brand launch with acquisition announcement

In exciting news today, Bright have announced the acquisition of BTCSoftware. BTCSoftware offer multi-award-winning tax software solutions which help accountants to streamline and simplify tax and compliance work. They develop feature-rich and cost-effective software products that make life easier and more rewarding for accounting professionals. This development is the next big step in Bright’s mission […]

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Self-Assessment tax return: What you need to know

Self assessment tax return: What you need to know

Benjamin Franklin famously said that “in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes” and it’s hard to argue with that. As the deadline for the Self-Assessment tax return approaches, it is vital that you understand everything you need to know before filing your tax return. Below, we outline the information you need to […]

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Why accurate time tracking is beneficial for accountants


Keeping track of time and accurately billing hours is essential for any professional services business. However, it’s easier said than done. It can be a struggle for businesses to track the correct billable hours while managing non-billable distractions. Unfortunately, failing to do so can lead to missed revenue or can potentially impact your relationship with […]

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Unleash optimum productivity with Surf Accounts and Dext Prepare

No matter how productive your accounting practice is, there is always room to optimise your processes to save even more time. One of the most effective ways of improving productivity, is to reduce the amount of time you spend on manual data-entering tasks. By being a little more tech-savvy, you should be able to use […]

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Bright announces Kevin McCallum as new CEO

Bright announces Kevin McCallum as new CEO

August 2022 saw a big change for the leadership of Bright, with Kevin McCallum chosen to be the new Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect, and current CEO Paul Byrne stepping up to the role of Founder Board Director. Paul has been CEO of Bright (and formerly Thesaurus Software) for the last 32 years. Bright […]

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