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How to conduct your bookkeeping and year-end work from one platform

How to conduct your bookkeeping and year-end work from one platform

As an accountant, you probably conduct year-end work for clients, and it is likely you use accounts production software to do this. You may also conduct bookkeeping duties for your clients because you know how profitable it can be. Likewise, the chances are high that you use bookkeeping software to help you with this as well. Although software packages like these make your work easier, it can be very frustrating switching between two different packages.

Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a solution, such as a direct integration, where data could be pulled seamlessly between the two? Our cloud accounts production software, Surf Accounts Production and its bookkeeping extension, Surf Accounts were designed to do just this. It should be noted that the integration is unique. To explain, consider this:

Users of both Surf Accounts and Surf Accounts Production have a choice as to how they conduct their work for bookkeeping and year-end clients. They can:

  • Use both packages separately, and the data will automatically transfer from one to the other.
  • Conduct all their bookkeeping and year-end work from the one combined system.
  • The integration between Surf Accounts and Surf Accounts Production does more than your standard integration as the two systems can combine to form one, allowing you to complete all your bookkeeping and year-end work from a single platform.

    What are the advantages of an integration like this?

    The ability to conduct all your year-end and bookkeeping tasks from the one platform has many advantages, such as the elimination of double entry and importing CSV files, the elimination of manual errors, and less confusion.

    The elimination of double entry and importing CSV files

    Using different software providers can bring many challenges as you complete your daily accounting tasks. Without integration between your bookkeeping and accounts production software, you will have to waste time inputting the same figures into both systems. By capitalising upon our integration, you can greatly reduce the time it takes you to complete your work, as you no longer need to manually import CSV files from one package to another.

    The elimination of manual errors

    Errors come hand-in-hand with manually importing CSV files. Manual errors are extremely common and easy to make, and they can also have knock-on effects and cause further errors in your work. It can be a timely task to fix an error, as you first have to re-trace your steps to find the mistake, and then correct it. Thanks to our integration’s elimination of importing CSV files, you can reduce the number of manual errors you face. This, in turn, saves you even more time.

    Less confusion

    Moving between different screens can cause confusion. With multiple software packages open, it is easy to get confused or mixed up when trying to complete your work. Not only that, if problems occur with your software package, dealing with two different support teams can be difficult. You may not know which side is at fault, and this can take up a large chunk of your day. With our integration, you can work off the one screen and avail of our excellent support team for any queries you may have.

    How does the integration work?

    Automatic data transfer

    If you decide to use the packages separately, a significant way Surf can make your life easier is automatic updates of any changes you make to the data. If you make changes within Surf Accounts, this will automatically transfer into Surf Accounts Production, and vice versa. For example, any work you do on VAT returns, bank reconciliations, journals, the trial balance, and much more will automatically transfer.

    A single screen

    If you decide to use the combined system, you can eliminate the constant flicking between two different packages. This allows you to complete your work in a smooth and uninterrupted fashion. To access the combined system, you simply log into Surf Accounts Production, and select your client who has a bookkeeping licence. You will then be directed to a screen where all your bookkeeping and year-end modules are available together.

    A single support team

    By choosing Surf, you can complete all your bookkeeping and year-end work from the one provider. This means if you have any queries, you only need to deal with one support team, allowing you to get questions answered in a timely manner without worrying if you are asking the correct software provider.

    How can this make you profitable

    If you don’t already offer bookkeeping within your service, this could be a new revenue stream you create by using our integration between Surf Accounts Production and Surf Accounts. With the two systems working together, you can conduct your duties quickly and efficiently, making it a profitable option.

    Our online bookkeeping software, Surf Accounts, also has some additional features which you could charge your clients additionally for, such as our dashboards, stock management system, and CRM tool. Surf Accounts allows you to provide your clients with access to these features, so they can view and alter the key figures for their business, manage their stock levels, and conduct all their CRM functions.

    Key Takeaway

    Surf allows you to streamline your bookkeeping and accounts production processes, making it as easy as possible to complete your accounting tasks. Both packages can be used separately, and data will be automatically shared between the two, or they can be used as one complete system. Ultimately, the integration strives to save you time, improve accuracy and make your life easier.

    If you would like to see how the two software packages combine, you can book a free one-to-one demo with one of our product experts. They can answer any questions you may have and will give you a full run-through of how Surf Accounts and Surf Accounts Production work together.

    Surf Accounts Production Demo

    Surf Accounts Demo

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