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Unlock the Benefits of Surf Accounts Production

When you switch to or acquire a new software, it can take time to adjust to a new layout and gain an understanding of the software’s functionality. This is completely normal, something that is new will always take that little bit of extra time to fully understand and become familiar with. As time progresses and you become comfortable using your new software, what you must be mindful of is: are you using it to its full potential?

As an accountant, by not using your accounting software to its full potential, you may be unknowingly adding extra time onto your day. This doesn’t need to be the case and could be fixed by gaining a full understanding of the features of the software. The functionality of accounts production software may seem straightforward, however, by having an in-depth understanding of each feature, you could take your practice to the next level.

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Surf Accounts Production

Surf Accounts Production is a cloud-based accounts production software, suited towards businesses of all sizes. The accounts production software offers a range of features to help accountants with productivity and time efficiency. The features in Surf Accounts Production make managing clients’ accounts as easy as possible. However, it is important for you to understand the various features and the benefits they can bring.

Some of the standout features of Surf Accounts Production are built in e-signing, secure cloud access, multiple financial statement formats and up to date compliance. By using these features, you can save time, become more productive and present your clients’ accounts to a high standard.

Below we have outlined some of these time-saving features within Surf Accounts Production and how they can help your practice.

Built-in electronic signing

Surf Accounts Productions’ e-signing feature became the first of its kind in the accounts production software market. The software’s partnership with HelloSign allows accountants to request electronic signatures for a range of different documents. You can also track the status of the documents and download the fully signed version to your PC. By allowing clients to sign documents digitally, you can complete tasks faster and reduce costs associated with travel or having documents couriered.


Along with being able to work more efficiently, you can give your client a gentle reminder to sign a document. How many times have you been left waiting for your client’s signature on a document and gotten delayed on other tasks in the process? With Surf Accounts Production, a text message can be sent straight to your client’s phone, where they will be reminded to log in and sign the document. The e-signing feature will help save accountants time, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

Multiple financial statement formats

When creating financial statements, you may find yourself using the same format for all your clients. Doing this can be unproductive as one format won’t necessarily work for all types of clients, and the presentation will not be of the highest standard. With Surf Accounts Production, the software offers a range of 9 different formats to choose from. From schools to clubs, you can produce financial and statutory statements that are customised to your client. The formats are easy-to-use and will provide a smooth layout, allowing you to present statements to your clients that are of the highest possible standards. Surf Accounts Production’s multiple formats can impress your clients, when used to its full potential.

Integration with Bookkeeping Software

Another feature that users can benefit from is the integration between Surf Accounts Production and Surf Accounts. Surf Accounts is a cloud-based accounting software and CRM system suited to small and medium sized businesses. Surf Accounts Production and Surf Accounts can communicate with each other, which creates a seamless process when completing tasks. This integration can help accountants have complete efficiency and complete tasks quicker than they normally would. The integration can eliminate errors caused by double entry, improve productivity, and help with time efficiency.

If you have recently switched from a different software provider or are considering moving to Surf Accounts Production, it is important that you understand the full benefits of the software’s features as it can help make your daily working life a lot easier. Our support team are here to help you with any questions you may have regarding the functionality of the software’s features. Training is also available, allowing you to gain an in-depth understanding of Surf Accounts Production and its many benefits.

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