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Essential tips to creating invoices

Over the last decade, the way in which invoices have been created and sent changed drastically, and it is important that your practice is aware of this and stays up to date with these latest trends. Invoicing was previously seen as a very repetitive task, but advancements in accounting software packages mean that invoicing has become easier, improving its presentation, saving you time, and allowing you to focus on more important duties.

These packages help to automate the tedious parts of invoice creation, making it as easy as possible to craft professional invoices. There are work arounds and tricks that allow you to create invoices quicker than usual, however nothing can be as efficient as an accounting software package.

Surf Accounts, a cloud accounting software, offers a quick and easy invoicing solution, which allows you to create professional and customisable invoices from anywhere and at anytime. You can automatically send invoices to customers, receive payments by connecting your bank account to the software, and get notified when your invoice has been opened. The popular invoicing solution has many time saving aspects, such as the ones explored below.

Essential tips to creating invoices

Here are 5 top ways that Surf can help you streamline invoice creation.

Create your invoices in a few clicks

Surf Accounts allows you to create your invoices in just a few clicks. You can simply login to your accounting software, click the sales module, and select create new invoice. You can then fill in all relevant information for that customer, with the option to add a new customer as you progress. Once you are ready, click save. When created, you can customise your invoice to your preference, with the ability to add your brand colours and company logo.

Create invoices quicker from Quotes and Orders

Creating an invoice for a customer you have recently created the same quote for can be frustrating. However, with Surf Accounts you can simply pull in previous quotes and orders into your invoice. When creating your invoice, you can select the customer and click the search button beside the quotes and orders heading. The previous quote will display on the search screen. Simply click the relevant quote and all information will transfer into your new invoice in seconds.

Save time with Recurring Invoices

Fed up with creating the same invoice for the same customer every single week? You can eliminate this repetitive task, thanks to Surf Accounts’ recurring invoice feature. To do this, select the customer you are creating the recurring invoice for, tell the system how often you want to create the invoice for, and click save. Going forward, the invoice will automatically be generated based on the settings you selected.

Create invoices in seconds with our quick invoicing solution

Surf Accounts allows users the ability to create a quick invoice through their bookkeeping software. If you simply do not have the time to fill out all relevant information, you can login, choose your customer, input the cost, and create the invoice. You can fill in the gaps later when you are not under so much time pressure. This solution is designed to save time and allows you to prioritise more important tasks.

Invoice on the go with the Surf Accounts app

Have you ever completed work for a customer and then had to go back to the office, login to your accounting software and create a brand-new invoice? This can take quite a while and may even delay payment. With the Surf Accounts mobile app, you can simply login through your smartphone or tablet, create a quick invoice and send to your customer in minutes. This speeds up the entire process and may lead to happier customers and an increase in the speed of receiving payment.

What more does Surf have to offer?

Surf Accounts is a cloud-based accounting software package that is integrated with Surf Accounts Production, BrightPay Payroll Software, Thesaurus Payroll Manager and Dext Prepare. The software hosts a range of key accounting solutions that you and your clients can avail of, and even comes with its own free in-built CRM system.

If you would like to view our cloud bookkeeping software and learn how it integrates with Surf Accounts Production to create one unique system, you can book a free one-to-one demo with our product expert.

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