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Improve bookkeeping operations by allowing your clients additional access

Years ago, allowing your clients to access and even contribute to bookkeeping tasks was unthinkable. However, as time has moved on, both the business and accounting industry has developed, and this sort of scenario has become a popular idea to implement. Cloud accounting software packages allow you to choose the type of access each client is granted. For some, the question remains – how can client access benefit my practice?

The benefits of client access

Offering access gives clients a certain level of control. The solutions offered on a platform such as Surf Accounts allow clients to perform tasks quickly and easily, with the likes of quick invoicing, bank reconciliation and reporting available. With access to these features, the client can speed up their task completion, access a real-time view of their financial situation, as well as taking pressure off you and your colleagues. We now understand why the client may want access to the bookkeeping platform, but here are three reasons it may benefit you.

How client access benefits your practice

1. Managing bookkeeping in an overview fashion

If you decide to allow clients access to your accounting software, you may be able to manage their books in an overview fashion. Your client can input information into the system, with access to key solutions. This means clients are no longer dependent on you to input their information, making it as easy as possible to oversee their bookkeeping operations. Simply, you can login, ensure everything is in order and filled out in the correct way, make any amendments you see fit, and continue onto your next client.

A real-time view of their financial situation will be present. This extra time can be spent on more important tasks such as communicating expert advice to your client and steering their business in the right direction.

2. Value added services

By choosing Surf Accounts, you will be able to add value to your service, potentially improving your client’s business operations. With unrestricted access to the bookkeeping software, your clients can avail of solutions such as a CRM and stock system. Surf Accounts enables you to make your package unique compared to competitors. Your package can include access to both the CRM system and Inventory management tool, allowing them to reap the benefits of these platforms all while improving your profit margins. A client will be able to add contacts, communicate with prospects, create segmented lists and much more as well as manage and control their stock. If a client chooses your practice, they will be able to avail of expert accounting advice, access an in-built CRM system and make stock management simple.

Improve bookkeeping operations by allowing your clients additional access

3. Offer clients a clear view of their business’s performance

Clients who are not granted access may find it difficult to understand how their business is performing. This can be worrying, and without regular updates through meetings or phone calls your clients will continue to be unaware of their financial position. One of the most common reasons your clients contact you outside of meeting times is to request information, such as key figures, or to ask for a copy of their accounts.

By providing clients with access to your accounting software, they can access the data they need themselves, whenever they want, without the need to contact you. With Surf Accounts, it’s easy to give your client access to the bookkeeping solution. It’s also easy to use, meaning non-accountants and non-bookkeepers should have no issues navigating the software.

The Surf Accounts dashboard is fully customisable, which will allow your practice to stay in control of the information your clients will be presented with and allows you to add charts and key figures as you see fit. This could be the perfect section for your clients to find the information they are looking for, without needing to interrupt you. These key figures can also be printed by the client, as can any of the financial accounts or reports you generate.

Recap – It’s time to choose Surf Accounts

Allowing your clients access to the cloud bookkeeping software can not only save you time and allow you to offer more expert advice, but it can also benefit your clients. With this, you will be able to assure your clients a real-time view of their current financial position, always allow them to view key figures from their business, and offer them a unique service compared to your competitors. The use of a CRM system and Inventory Management tool may help to increase profit margins, but more importantly allow your client to improve their business operations.

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