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Is efficiency your ultimate goal for 2022? The Surf Accounts and BrightPay integration can help!

January begins every year with many people jumping on the ‘new year, new me’ bandwagon. But with 2022 now in full swing, many people have already lost interest in their dubious goals, with the average new year’s resolution lasting just 21 days. But resolutions and goal-setting shouldn’t just happen in your personal life; they should […]

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Four Ways Cloud-Based Accounting can Reduce Bookkeeping Errors

Bookkeeping errors can be costly for the business. However, depending on the volume of transactions, bookkeeping errors can be unavoidable. The larger the volume, the higher the possibility of errors. Automating accounting workflow can to a great extent remove the possibility of errors and improve the bookkeeping practice. While accounting automation can be done by […]

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A Cheat Sheet to A Great Invoice

Overview The importance of cashflow in your business cannot be emphasised enough and creating the right invoices go a long way in securing timely payments. How embarrassing and crushing it could be when your payments are denied because you did not use the right format in creating your invoices? Given that there are different business […]

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Restoring Cash Flow to your Small Business

accounting software

Cash flow restoration is critical to rebuilding your small business. Without the right cash flow, your business could stagnate or worse, face closure while facing severe cash crunch. There are many ways to restore cash flow but firstly, it is necessary to assess the current situation and find the most appropriate ways. Business situation for […]

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What does Poor Cash Flow Indicate About your Business and Its Reasons

Cash flow reflects the current state of your business. Positive cash flow indicates good business health and vice versa. It may also be indicative of how you have been managing your business, the general state of the economy, the demand and supply situation for your products or services and how well you have been managing […]

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How Staying on Top of Categorising your Transactions Helps your Business

Let us hear the story of Matt and Henry, the owners of a brewery which is 8 years old. They started the brewery to become one of the top five breweries in the city in terms of customer loyalty, revenue and profits. They worked hard and the brewery grew over time. Sales, customers and the […]

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Which Tools Must Startups Use to Simplify Accounting Challenges

Accounting Tools

Early-stage Startups and Small Businesses tend to avert organizing finances and maintaining books. Result? They run into tax complications later – cue for bouts of exasperation in front of the Revenue officers. Paying a hefty a price to an accounting firm to settle the quagmire at the last moment is not unheard of. The following […]

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Improve Cashflow with these 5 Invoicing Rules

Online Invoicing Software

You can fix the problem of delayed payments by automating your invoicing method. Avoid the risk of invoice rejection caused by manual errors and get paid on time. Record all your invoices on a cloud-based accounting software for easy and unbridled accessibility in the case of future consultations, for instance while following up on unpaid […]

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Top Six Ways to Earn and Save more with a Cloud- based Accounting Software

cloud-based accounting software

Improve your cash flow by better invoice management – timely generation, follow-ups and identifying overdue invoices and save more money by cutting costs and time on software installation, maintenance, database, staff. Scale up or down hassle-free. Think of these. Doesn’t that look like both a money earner and saver proposition? Read on the ways you […]

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Improve Efficiency with an Online Invoicing Software

Online Invoicing Software Ireland

Are you still hung up on manual invoicing? Well, it’s still okay if you have a handful of invoices to raise. However, with the numbers multiplying, setting up flawless invoices could become a time-consuming, complex and tedious job. Why run into all the inconveniences, when you can improve efficiency with an online invoicing tool? Set […]

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